Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Go On, Dream High!

Assalamu’alaikum waarahmatullah. May peace be upon you. 

I am now on the second day in IPG KBA, and stepping on the first stair of the new challenging semester stage. --> I don’t think there’ll be anyone out there who cares of it -.-

This is my first post for this year, so I wish to share about a DREAM - something that we couldn't escape as a human being; since I am now kind of ‘neglecting’ my dream. (??)

I lived a life and grew up with a lot of dreams. As I am getting older, those dreams are supposed to develop and begin to suit with my age. Same goes to all, doesn’t it?  

But sometimes I didn’t find it works. When I find that it is so hard to succeed with such a tired and long journey; I’ll then start to give up and feel upset. But the reality is the dream is just not 'In Season'. Why would that be? 

There is a simple analogy about a dream, which I once read somewhere and we could also ponder on for a second. 
When it is the middle of winter, the grass is very brown. It looks as if it is totally dead. *Even though we are Malaysian, I bet we can imagine how dead the grass is and how bad the grass looks.

Well, it doesn't look very good at that moment but the truth is, the grass is not dead, it's just not in season. In the springtime, the same grass will be just as lush and green as it can be.

Then, for sure, just a few months later, that same brown and dry grass will ‘present’ itself as a gorgeous bright green, filled with life and vitality.

I've found that this life works exactly the same way. Sometimes, our circumstances just look dead. But we have to realize, it can be that it's not in season. It may be that it'll come back around in a new season.
The point here is we cannot give up just because things don't look the way we want them to in the season we are in. We have to dig our heels in and look with our eyes of faith to the new season that is on the horizon.

Then, what we got here? 

When we go through disappointments or setbacks, choose to have the attitude, "Even though it doesn't look good, I know the truth. It's not really dead; it's just not in season. I'm in springtime, but I know summertime is coming. So I'm going to lift up my head and get ready for the new things Allah is about to do", instead of getting down and discouraged or giving up.

***Friends, readers, people, if we keep this attitude of faith, we will receive strength to make it through to the next season and it won't be long until those dreams and desires will flourish in every area of your life! Insya Allah ;)

Trust in Allah, He knows what’s best for us. When the dream is not what’s best for us, then why we should cry to lose it?  Just because something looks dead, don't write it off. Our Allah is a God of new beginnings.***

::All that is hidden in the heavens and the earth lies within the power of Allah. To Him are all matters referred for judgment. So do serve Him, and place in Him all your trust. Your Lord is not heedless of what you do::

"Well, go on. Dream high!"


"But do not be all optimistic.
Spare rooms for disappointment and failure..”

p/s- ‘Aseef my dear readers, don’t thank me for this refreshment and reminder. Allah gave them to us. Thank HIM. May HE bless all of us. Have a great day ahead~!


Ayesha MHassan said...

Salam a'layk.
Eika, when I was reading this post of yours, I could only think how much you have grown up to be able to write such thoughts and ideas.
You surely have knocked on my head girl!

Keep writing and spreading good words. Fighting!

Eika Fereizya SM said...

Iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nastain. When it's from Allah, it is then supposed to be to and for HIM too. ^^

[Apabila terkuaknya pintu kejahilan, mencurah-curah hidayah masuk melaluinya..]