Thursday, January 26, 2012


P/s: Sorry people, my post this time is not something worth to share about. But I just feel like writing this down. ^,^

It is hot tonight and I am currently finishing King Lear Play’s script which I’m assigned to – as it will be staged this May. Mama is surfing the internet with the tv on - Semanis Kurma on air. Isya is with her K-pop magazines, Leha and Papa are away in the kitchen, watching Santau Merasuk and I am here, without having an ounce of thought to join them, writing to you Ronggeng.

I have a friend, Ronggeng, whom I value him SO MUCH. He is always there, to be by my side. He is my best friend and an intelligent young man. A Selangorian and the top scorer in any examinations he sat for (as far as I know). He is just amazing. A many-subjects-geek but he adores science stream (or else how come he can end up doing preparation course as future dentist? :D)

He is A GREAT LISTENER. Perhaps because I talk a lot when it comes to certain issues, it makes me feel so comfortable to be with him.

He is so patient listening to me because I am such a talkative when it comes to languages, motivation, experiences and LIFE itself. He will stay and critically respond to me when I simply hit the things stimulated him to. He is COOL.

I once called him Ronggeng. Because he used to sing random songs in front of my table, since we were in form 2. And I am glad because I was the first to call her with such name. RONGGENG! However, I won’t call him Ronggeng anymore. His real name is just so much better and meaningful to be used.. *take note

Last time, I neglected him, our friendship. I was never sincere being friend of him. But as time flew by, when we both went our own way, I started realizing how important he is in my life. Everything now is fixed and he never kept my bad deeds towards him before in heart. That makes me even touched and appreciate him more.

-This Isn't him. Tq-

He reads typical Malay love novels and 
I miss jabbering with him on such typical ‘love’ matters.  
*So typical ~ =.=

You may walk away from our humble Unwanus Saadah and go to the prestigious school  which has now brought you to your current preparatory college for the top-notch students the place you really deserve to be in, but well dear, I WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU TO WALK AWAY FROM MY LIFE ~!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ll always pray that
Your dreams will come true.

I do really love our friendship, Ronggeng. FILLAH :')

Unpredictable. What words else are there to describe LIFE? Mind to tell me?


teacher mimi said...

ok, noted. ^^,

Zharif Azis said...

saya tau sape =)

Eika Fereizya SM said...

Zharif tahu? Ohho~ Tahniahlah. Diam-diam sudah.. ^^

[Apabila terkuaknya pintu kejahilan, mencurah-curah hidayah masuk melaluinya..]