Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thing to Begin with

"You are just like a stone. No expression – just like stones. No difference at all"

The stone.
Which one was it being referred to? 

The one that can either push people towards the Heaven, or become one of the fuel in Hell. 
Or.. is it like the static one in the cave, that is going nowhere? 

Then 'When you're lost and alone, you'll be sinking like a stone' runs through my head. 

Urgh, I don't wanna lose. And I am not alone. (Never am I, right?)

Then I start walking again, with My Dear now, by my side.
And a smile on my face.

For it is the exact thing to begin with.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tale #4

“I.. I don't think I work too hard,” said me to the person, as she had always been a good listener.

“Why do you think so?”

“Because I’m not always have wrinkly forehead? And I can even make…”

“Make people laugh? I don’t think you’re like that now.” She interrupted.

“How am I like then?”

‘You are just like a stone. No expression – just like stones. No difference at all’ was the opinion from that well-meaning friend of mine, who can deeply understand and see ‘many things’ even from a brief sharing moment of my life.

"So.. I should express myself, and make a difference?"

“Why shouldn't you? When you're lost and alone, you'll be sinking like a stone."

In the next second I kind of  felt the absolute meaning and truth behind those words she uttered. As seen like someone being 'trapped' in subconscious mind, I slowly nodded after that.

"Well, this is my trying time indeed, but it is never difficult, or burdensome..” I replied.

My friend smiled.

Seriously, even I had no idea of where did those words come from. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tale #3

It was a light bright evening.
There were only me, you and the sea, which was slowly receding in front of us.  
Never did I sure either me or the sea your gaze fell on, or even at where your glance cast.

You chose to break the mild splashing of the waves that had been conquering our attention with such a question, which I could sense disappointment in,

“The world today is getting worse.”

I did not prefer to ask ‘What do you mean?’ but in impetuous urge to talk,
I instead say,

“World had never been better.
Then because of that, 'HOPE' is something strange and magical.
It’s.. Special, in other words.

You once had, right, that Hope?”

After that each of us went speechless.
I was sure, at that moment, we both were only looking at the sea.

And slowly drowned in silence.

Tale #2

"Take a deep breath. No rush. You need to have plans, Eika."

"Alright. But should I keep the blazing spirit?" 



"You have too much. Give me some."



Argh. I miss you. I'm sure I really do.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tale #1

I kept questioning why are there so many love stories/ movies etc that may corrupt teenagers' mind or even affect the society.

Till one day my ustaz calmly said, 

"Bernafas saja tak cukup untuk hidup. Hidup perlu cinta." 

Out of nowhere, someone who coincidentally passed by stopped and said, 

"Dan dalam cinta, masa bukan batasan." 

Ustaz smiled and I replied, bitterly. 

They then walked away. 

Stiff. I slowly place my hand on the chest. 

Urgh. My heart beat fast. 


[Apabila terkuaknya pintu kejahilan, mencurah-curah hidayah masuk melaluinya..]