Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tale #4

“I.. I don't think I work too hard,” said me to the person, as she had always been a good listener.

“Why do you think so?”

“Because I’m not always have wrinkly forehead? And I can even make…”

“Make people laugh? I don’t think you’re like that now.” She interrupted.

“How am I like then?”

‘You are just like a stone. No expression – just like stones. No difference at all’ was the opinion from that well-meaning friend of mine, who can deeply understand and see ‘many things’ even from a brief sharing moment of my life.

"So.. I should express myself, and make a difference?"

“Why shouldn't you? When you're lost and alone, you'll be sinking like a stone."

In the next second I kind of  felt the absolute meaning and truth behind those words she uttered. As seen like someone being 'trapped' in subconscious mind, I slowly nodded after that.

"Well, this is my trying time indeed, but it is never difficult, or burdensome..” I replied.

My friend smiled.

Seriously, even I had no idea of where did those words come from. 

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