Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tale #7

“Among everything in this world, what is it that you are afraid of?”

“God,” I said.

“Sure. Beside that?”


She went silent. Expected to hear more, I guessed.

“You may ask any other persons the exact same question and probably hear the same answer – LOSS. No matter how big or small the loss is to you.” I paused as she looked at me, interesting.

I continued, “Hmm. Losing something or someone, you may say, is almost terrifying because you are far from the readiness for whatever you are meant to face. And there’s nothing you can do if that phase is ever written to happen in any time from your life as how it is approved by Him The Almighty.”

I stopped.

“So..” she was thinking before replied, “what you’re really scared of is actually your ability to accept the fact that you’re gonna experience the losing of some-whatever-it-might-be.. Isn’t it?”

I just nodded, in agreement or what – I was not very sure. But that was worth pondering for, I thought.

“Perhaps. Loss would surely happen, but are we really able to control ourselves? – That’s such a question I would frequently ask to myself.”

“Indeed. So.. What are you really afraid of, again?”

I said, “Me. Myself.”


“Sometimes we think that most people are just like us – too afraid of what future will bring. We forgot, sometimes it’s ourselves, who lost in our own heart.”


"If you're a dream, I'm your loyal dreamer.."

Malam sedangku menulis tentang kamu,
Kamu perlahan mampir, merangkulku
Lalu membaca bait-bait nukilanku.
Kau mengajukan kekurangan ini dan itu,
Sambil mengucup lembut ubun-ubunku.

Kau menghadiahkan senyuman termanismu
Lalu perlahan melepaskan dakap mesramu
Sebelum hilang bersama dingin tiupan bayu.
Untuk kesekian waktu, kau meninggalkanku
Berseorangan, meneruskan tulisan tentang kamu.

[Apabila terkuaknya pintu kejahilan, mencurah-curah hidayah masuk melaluinya..]