Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tale #3

It was a light bright evening.
There were only me, you and the sea, which was slowly receding in front of us.  
Never did I sure either me or the sea your gaze fell on, or even at where your glance cast.

You chose to break the mild splashing of the waves that had been conquering our attention with such a question, which I could sense disappointment in,

“The world today is getting worse.”

I did not prefer to ask ‘What do you mean?’ but in impetuous urge to talk,
I instead say,

“World had never been better.
Then because of that, 'HOPE' is something strange and magical.
It’s.. Special, in other words.

You once had, right, that Hope?”

After that each of us went speechless.
I was sure, at that moment, we both were only looking at the sea.

And slowly drowned in silence.

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