Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Begin With..

Happy New Hijrah Year, My Fellow Readers!

Alhamdulillah. It is such a serene and beautiful morning.

Yes, it is so early in the morning when I post this note while I'm trying to finish my house works, chores, and ISL tasks! But, I just can't stop my fingers to type something that I eagerly hope to in my 2 years old baby beYOUTHefull_SouL. *That’s just an excuse. I just miss writing here, indeed.

Ok guys, since we are now on the first day in the first new month of the new year, what are the plans made in our mind? Is there any, yet? *take your time to answer..

Few days ago, I received a short message from Auni Amirah which I’ve edited, then type here;

Let IMAN conquers you,

Let ZIKIR purifies you,

Let AL-QURAN guides you,

Let DOA calms you,

Let IBADAH be your friend, and

Let MARDHOTILLAH be your way.

May Allah Bless You..

I should say..

People keep saying (most of us think so too) that the most awaited night is the first night of marriage, so we must prepare ourselves - tremendously well-prepared, but we can never know whether we'll get to be on that night, right?

But the first night in Barzakh is a guarantee. Where are we? We prepare ourselves more for something that is not-guaranteed, rather than the one that is guaranteed.

*ok, make your point now ;)

If we want to write a blog entry, we can, and even if it’s negative, it’s right there on our homepage.” – unknown (cannot remember :P)

Sorry, I won’t say much this time, because I count this at the first place as a ‘kind-of-teaser-post’ for this blessed Awal Muharram – means, there will be another following entries related. Insya Allah.

But before I leave you with any typical ‘pen off here, au revoir, etc..’ ending, there is a line to ponder :

‘I fasted the whole dunya and intended to break my fast in jannah’ - Ibn Rajb

Masya Allah. There is always something to learn, don’t you think?

*seems like (obviously) there’s no typical ending down there ==”

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