Thursday, September 1, 2011


As soon as I woke up to perform my Fajr prayer, I could sense the jittery, an awkward feelings that I had felt not for quite some times. I was then had a quick glance throughout my English Studies' reflection journal and Language Development's essays that need to be done before the lessons. Other course works too. I smiled.

I love the balance between the devices of literary, linguistics and democracy that seen between the lines. Yes, indeed, I am, most of the time, choosy on picking facts to represent my thoughts and opinions. To a certain extent, I choose not to talk until I find good things to be written about.

It is now eleven in the morning. The azure sky and cotton-ish clouds. I just love this day.

Thanks Allah for sending me here. Thanks, that today, on the beginning of the Syawal, you wake me up, make me alive and allow me to keep on breathing the fresh air, witness the hustle bustle of the unending business of your slave, and enjoy the tranquility as the wind blows.

It’s not easy. It’s a process. But for the love of Islam and Allah, let me improve myself both spiritually and physically. O Allah, make this love lasts forever.

Time is like a river. I can never touch the same water in a flowing river twice. The flow that has passed will never pass again. So I wanna make the best of the time that Allah has given us during this blessed month.

Lecture's drawing near. I know this is so random, but yes, this is going to be different :)

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