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When I woke up, I found myself lying on the floor. I tried to see but I was blinded by the white light. I could not remember how and why I was lying there. Consumed by my loss, I did not notice the hardness of the sand where I lied. I looked around the unfamiliar place. I then slowly stood up and made my moves to find what was actually going on. All around me was such a greenery rain forest with beautiful scenery and a mesmerizing waterfall with small shining bugs flying in the air.

Walking to a wonderful mansion nearby, I heard the fluttering of wings as if a hummingbird was hitting in the air. I was looking at a beautiful rose when a beautiful, large dragonfly landed within arm's length of me. I stood there looking at this lovely creature. When I stepped further, I could not believe what I saw. There were hundreds of dragonflies flying in front of the mansion and between it and me. I have never seen that many dragonflies at once before, and the strangest thing about it was they seemed like welcoming me to the mansion.

I stepped on the huge stairs of the mansion to reach the door. My hand was shaking as I tried to push the door but unexpectedly it opened itself. I became curious then fastened my footsteps into the mansion. I was absolutely amazed with the decorations, luxurious furnitures, pleasant smell of the house and all the things there ; reminded me to the castle in many fairytale stories. Meanwhile, a young lady with crystal white skirt and small flowers on her head walked toward me. She smiled then said, "The foods were ready, Your Highness,". I was speechless. Wondering what was happening, I was then taken to the dining room.

As I entered the room, there were few people sitting on the dining table. I sat on the chair with my eyes were focusing on the food served, candle-light and everything were making a strong favourable impression to me. We were all then requested to have the meal. I heard those people's conversation about protecting the kingdom, improving the save zone and marriage of the Princess in order to save all folks. I became confused. Who are they ? What were they talking about ? Me, Your Highness ? These questions kept playing in my mind.

"What do you think, princess ?". No response. "Princess Isabelle ?".

"Huh ?". I looked at the old man next to me. He asked again for my opinion. I did not understand him.

"Did you hear your dad's request, my dear ?" said the half age woman beside me.

Slowly i realized that I am now a princess and those people are my family. I tried to adapt the situation.

"How do you think about Prince Ash ? Only him can help protecting our kingdom."

I smiled and nodded my head a bit. They were all satisfied with my reaction. After that, we all mind our own bussiness and made our way. So I sneaked out to the garden to find the way out of this matter.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I was the only heiress of Drago Kingdom, who was responsible to take care of the kingdom from the evil called Totosakh. The only way to get rid of the evil was the marriage with a prince from any other kingdom, and the chosen one was Prince Ash. "I didn't even know the man so how could I marry him ?", I said to myself. From my parents' saying, Prince Ash could have power to fight Totosakh right after he officially become the husband of Drago Kingdom's heiress. My mind mixed up and I had no choice. Suddenly, something warm was flowing through my eyes.

"Take this,". I lifted my head and saw a tall, white man with black tuxedo extending me a handkerchief. I took it and wiped out my tears.

"You must be thinking about our marriage, don't you ? Don't worry, after all finished, we can go our own way. I don't wanna be burden to you. Drago Kingdom is the most important," said the man, or in certain, Prince Ash.

After two weeks of my weeding with Prince Ash, Drago Kingdom had been threatened by Totosakh's arrival. He was trying to destroy the protective zone in order to take over the kingdom by force. His action had caused chaos and scared all folks. Drago kingdom's state of harmony had been affected. That was only the first warning for us to surrender and give him the King's throne. Over the next five days, Totosakh came again and now he completely managed to break through the protective zone. Everyone lost in trouble.

"We have ran out of weapons, Your Highness. What should we do now ?"

"My goodness ! Collect all of our soldiers and tell them to use Plan B," replied Ash to the chief. He looked pressure. I tried to comfort and calm him. From his eyes, I knew he was really concerned of the kingdom as he said before. Seeing his courage, I was amazed and motivated to help fighting our enemy. According to my parents, King Henry and Queen Sara, we needed to use our secret heirloom weapons which required Ash and I both to affiliate. When the day came, we both confronted Totosakh to revoke his plan. Since he did not want to compromise about taking over our kingdom, we too had no choice unless to attack him and fight for our own sake.

Everything happened naturally. As Ash held my hands tight, I could feel something. Something I never felt before. Ash silently ordered me to close my eyes. After he read an incantation and I repeated his, I heard a fluttering sound of thousands of magical dragonflies. They attacked Totosakh and his followers.

From the power we got together, the courage Ash showed and the army's defence, we managed to completely vanish Totosakh and the gang. He was found dead with blood smear all over the ground. Everyone uttered a cheer witnessing the death of our big enemy. Unexpectedly, Ash embraced me. I lost in thought.

After several days, all folks gathered and celebrated the triumph of Drago Kingdom. On that day, Ash came to me in person. "Isabelle, what ever your decision is, I won't object. But you must know something."

I listened carefully.

"After all we've been through, I found that you're my pillar of strength. This is a battle we've won. I just got to know that the incantation will work only if the two person are in love with each other."

Shocked. I lifted my head a bit. My face felt hot. I'm blushed.

"I know, I'm surprised too but I can't lie to myself anymore. So here I am with all my heart, I want to..."

I could not hold back the tears.

"Wake up! Wake up! It's noon already!" my mother wakes me up on the bed.

"Oh mum, why now ?". I mutter and pull a long face. My mother just smiles and wakls out from my room. The face of Prince Ash and the magical beauty of Drago Kingdom suddenly appear in my mind. I grab a towel and walk to the toilet. In there, I see a couple of dragonflies landed on my window. That brings a bigger smile to me.

Leaving the scene of my sweet dream, i move on my days as beautiful as the rainbow. Each time I see a dragonfly, beautiful memories of my sweet dream inevitably kiss my heart.

p/s: I couldn't find any title for this story. Yet. Any suggestion ? :P

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