Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gotta Be Somebody.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you, Allah. You’d finally answered my prayer. Thank you to those who’d prayed for me too.

-in case you didn’t know- I got an offer (KPLSPM) to further study in TESL. [psst, my dream course~!] . I know it doesn’t sound great to you, but for me it’s AWESOME ! know why ? I thought the chances to pass the interview before were *kinda* million-to-one ~ Like too good to be true, but I made it , guys. Isn’t that cool ?

Okay , I guess I get too over excited here~ Sorry sorry Monkey Icon *sing like SuJu*

To be honest, writing is one of my particular interests. I pretty much gave up all my leisure activities and my non-work time was consumed with writing. Essentially, I'm a cross between an author and a teacher. It's not a bad job but still exactly my dream career. But the fact is, there just came a point that teaching became more important to me than writing - when I knew that I wanted to be a teacher MORE than I wanted any other job.

I’ve wanted to be a teacher from the time I was tiny. *I think that’s what most of us wanted to be at that age. Hehe* (yeah, we probably can’t think of anything more interesting~ :P) Nevertheless, I never thought that Teacher would really become my career in the future. I know and I believe, Everything Happens for Reason. So I'll just go with the flow~ With 'enough' Effort and Willingness that I'll bring along.

I also had a few detours wanting to be : a doctor and lawyer ;) Unfortunately, I'm *sort of* allergic to Biology, Chemistry.. And obviously I can't speak very well [I mean the way a lawyer would do~] so, RULED THOSE OUT ~!

I'd been SCIS (So-Called Inflexible Student) for over 5 years before, and I could feel my soul yearning to slide back into the familiar cocoon of schooldom*.

Like you might did once at school, me too did presentations, debate and speech *in English* as well. What i remember most :: I spent the last night before ENGLISH Exam PAPER 2010 teaching (i prefer to consider it as HELPING) my friends to get better understanding in English. You know, grammar, verbs, bla..bla..and bla sometimes can cause us to feel puzzled and even CRAZY (..???) . So I hoped the last-minute revision would help them much, and Alhamdulillah, it DID ~ Most of them (my friends) had been fascinated with both the linguistics and the 'story' behind it.

That had been fun actually and I guess I was really in teacher mode. It was one of those moments that made me think I was really taking the right career path.

I now realize just how patient my teachers were, as my results, while not horrible, weren't exactly fabulous. Umph, BIG SORRY and SPECIAL THANKS all my teachers [from SAMUSKD and STISS].

Monkey Icons Yoyo

I KNOW~ I KNOW~ I KNOW~ Where education is concerned, I'm slow and kinda weak. I KNOW that, but we all have our crosses to bear, right ?

I let myself to believe that this is all gonna turn out Ok. I'm not sure I really believe it, but I sure want to. Since I fully intended to return to my regularly scheduled life, so I'm certain. If anyone has the strength to fight this, so do I. For that matter, I'm gonna win. There's no way I would take a step back. I gotta be somebody. I'm gonna show this challenge it picked the wrong person to mess with~!

Everyone, I gotta go my own way : the way where I can find a place in this world someday and be The-Brand-New-Eika. Wish me luck ! Monkey Icon Cici

Schooldom* : I just made it up .. like boredom, coupledom, etc.. Hehe . Monkey IconsAwkward . I know .

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