Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Note

"Would you?"

It was our first time, you see
Never thought, you appeared out of the blue
I think you were excited to see me
Guess what? I was enchanted to meet you too

And surprisingly 
There’ll really be a life I see
Some time, later
You and me together

But behind that pretty little nod that you’d love, ever
A problem I'm not sure if you can bare it too
Don't say i don't warn you, mister
You have to know where you're heading to 

I can be so clumsy, i might be lame 
I can never play your psychology games 
I might be a mess, oh man, can you get through? 
I might be a freak and I can be a pain 
I might be The Sun while you pray for the rain 
I will be fighting over a small issue

But when I love, I love with all my heart 
It's been like that from the very start 
Dear man, with all the things that I say 
I hope you enjoy to stay 

Putting on my dress for a day to remember 
Take me in on tables, for the family too 
You said you like our presence at that hour
Ooh, I know I’m choosing you

Oh please know who I am and who I'm not 
Even though I'd seemed to like you a lot 
All the moment that we had
All the love that we shared

Life with that kind of memory
Don’t drift away so suddenly
Or  I’ll damn be freaking out
It's like you're the one I can't live without

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