Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tale #5

"We are what we think."

"I’m scared".

"It’s your negative thinking. If not, you won’t be here. Remember all those words, right?"



I was silent. Was just pondering and became afraid of things that aren’t worth to, that's it.

"Do you remember your dreams?"


"You're now approaching them."

"Yes. Like a dream."

"Wait. Only I am in your dream, but your dream is in reality."


"And above you, thought, effort, hope and Allah that will decide"

Silent again. 

Honestly, this is so uncomfortable. Or is it me who love this melancholic thingy and tiring myself with? What a typical me.


"Allah will provide according to our supposition."

My eyes shut and in my mind, all that being missed fill the memory space. 

Now and forever, what makes me strong is to see my beloved(s) happy and not worry of anything, later on.

So that’s the magical ‘wave’ of feelings.

"And I suppose, I will have an extraordinary happy life, with people that I have full of love for!"

We both smiled. 

I continued, "Allow me this time to include myself in the list of 'to be beatified', and you too, that I always long for"

"You're going to get it, with His permission!"

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