Friday, June 22, 2012

I Just Noticed

It is real. It is me.

I just noticed.
I have no pictures holding the scroll.
Since the excellence day fell on school day.
No camera or handphoned allowed.

I went on stage, got down,
Then straight away went into the classroom.
Study as usual.

There was, once, 
it was held on the day
when parents could come
but Papa still had not owned camera

I just noticed.
I have no photos in Facebook
of various poses.
Even if there’s one,
it’s only from my friends’ tagging.

I just noticed.
I cannot store many pictures.
Whenever I did,
I must have lost them afterwards.
For reasons that only Allah knows.

I have just noticed.
I just do not like to take pictures.
Not so.

*I've no idea what this entry is all about -.-! 
Spontaneously jabbering this nonsense. 
SORRY, seriously, again. 

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