Friday, February 3, 2012

Personality Test

Instead of learning what we were supposed to in LDV class today, my lecturer held a word building game and an unexpected 'personality test' - in such a simple way I've ever come across with!

It was not exactly a PERSONALITY test, just a simple game where my lecturer drew one picture on the whiteboard, then we had to continue, complete the picture by drawing any one thing which our minds could come up to. I drew the Sun. It was the first thing that came into my mind. And, I precisely knew why I wanted to draw it.

Almost by the end of the class, Mr Lecturer explained one by one what each of our drawing meant and how it reflected to our personality.

Mine, he said, "Putri drew the Sun. This shows how she wants herself to be seen by others. She wants to use her skills and knowledge of something for good. Through what she now has, she wants to make her own contributions to the world.  She really wants to make herself useful to the society as well, she wants to shine!"

I wanna shine. I wanna bloom, as well!

I smiled and slowly nodded in agreement. Is it too obvious? Or Mr Lecturer could just read my mind?? Ohho~

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