Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Talking About LOVE

“Ramadhan, Madrasah Tarbiyyah. Aku kini melangkah penuh syukur ke dalamnya.
Maka, aku pohon agar dikurniakan rezeki bernama ISTIQAMAH, bakal memapah perlangkahan ini. 
Selagi Dia belum memanggil.”

Alhamdulillah. That was my first FB status updated for this fasting month.

ALLAH. I’m so grateful of being one of the chosen ones to step into Madrasah of Ramadhan for 2012 session. And, I’m very delighted because at last, I have time to write something here. (Actually there are numbers of drafts left unpublished. Hehe. *what a so-called busy woman Eika is)


By the name of ALLAH~
I am so determined to share what has been locked inside for all this while - How we should really love and spread the spirit of LOVE’s love.

I know you know, when we love someone, it is undeniable that we will always be talking about him. We will easily know what type of shirt that she/he wears, (oh , let me use 'he' instead of 'he/she'. Make it general), how he looks today, how was his result, how is this, how is that, why, what and so many things are lingering in our mind.

I mean, not us. Our friends out there, maybe?

Haha. ‘He’ can be anyone. It would not just refer only to Buaya-Friend, Geli-Friend, Balaks, Aweks or whatever we name it, but also includes our best friend(s), our sister, mother or anyone. Yes, ANYONE.

The main point: If we love someone, or fond of someone, we will definitely feel enthusiastic about him.

And that's how Allah portrays the LOVE. The love that most has misunderstood. A love that is so abstract.

If we really love Allah, we cannot stop saying His name, dreaming of meeting Him, seeing Him everywhere we go, waiting to call Him every time we have and we are willing to do everything.

Yes, everything. Because of this LOVE.

Oh snap!

Seriously, even if we had made mistakes, we would feel the day is so lame and slow. We want to apologize straight away without seeking His refugees.

But, things become upside down when we betray Him.
We forget Him, we just call Him five times a day (as if we really pay full concentration), but the fact is we are dreaming of someone else and just remembering Him in the time of hard and tide.

Indeed, Allah never takes us to the Court and takes back all 'allowances' of living, divorces us from our happiness, kicks us out from our home, and the biggest thing, He never kills our lover just because of Jealousy. He never does nor did.

"Yeah Rite. He is a God. Why should Him?"

Shhhh! We're just saying things to make it right. We're just making the wrongs as true.

I should say.. YES, HE IS A GOD.

But if He is really our God, why do we never intend to seek and change, to be better servant too?
And if He is really the Creator, why do we deny the fact that all our hands, feet, comfortable house, clothes, eyes, ears and ALL the things that we cannot even make it, are gifts from Him?
So why do we treat Him, like we are having no God in life?

Instead, we make everything as on our own rule.
We care least, of what's right or wrong in life.
We feel nothing if people didn’t obey Him.

Ohh are we really that ‘WE’? Or the devil had worn our Prada and walked in us, in every step?

Let's find our way home, accordingly.
Let's be the real person as one who has faith of having Allah in his life.

Feel it. Try to feel the fact that Allah is so near. 
We are the one, who disappear. And walk away, further.

Aren't thing is backward, if we're not reverting?

And bear in mind.
Allah is Everything to Have without us,
But who are we, without He-who-Has-Everything?

Stop and ponder.

p/s: I intended to share my personal outcomes from ‘Beetles and Roses’ forum held on 17th July. But Ramadhan comes first as priority. So I feel that it’ll be so much lovely if I take this opportunity to spread the love of ALLAH – who has blessed us with Ramadhan. Insya Allah, if Allah permits, you’ll be reading love sayings from ‘Beetles and Roses’ – in my version, anyway.

Wallahu a'alam. This all is nothing but His works. Let the love of Allah spread. Ramadhan Kareem~ (say ‘ALLAHU Akram!’) ^^ 

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