Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dedication to My Other Half

"Someday..love will find us."

*This free verse poem is specially dedicated to my future husband who I don’t even have any idea who he is.

I swear it's so hard to say
This pure feeling locked inside
God; He knows I've always felt it deep
down here

I'm not yet altruistic
Even far from poetic you’ll see
But now it's time I share you this
What's always been in my pious prayer

You might anyhow hurt inside
Or getting weak
I'll be the one who’d sincere
Love you night and day
So you will need no promises or sweetest talk
As you've given me the strength to pray;
To be yours eternally

I swear it’ll be worth in the end
We will be taking the light
God; He knows we’d leave the dark
Better in time

I'm not anchor woman
Even worse I’m fragile I’d to say
So it’s now time I share you way;
Stay where your faith in and
Keep me in pray

Can't you feel that I’m glad
Cuz’ a secret vow filled in my soul
We don’t need to find each other yet
Time will bring your heart to mine...

Dear future Zauj,

I do look forward to long days and longer nights with you; cooking and messing around in the kitchen, doing chores together, making our house a home; getting up in the morning and laying down at night, knowing that forever has already begun.

Our whole life is a trial and it’s a long journey we have to walk through, but it’s also something that will be worth it in the end. I know. 

Through all of this hardship and pain we’ll be or maybe are going through, I know Allah’s moulding us to be better spouse for each other in the future.

In sya Allah. 

*You can also 'feel' my heart's saying through the video version I made right after created this free verse poem. ^,^ 

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