Sunday, March 18, 2012


It’s now 25 Rabi’ul Akhir. Happy 19th birthday, Eika! (Who would even have the urge to know when is their birthday in Hijrah-calendar? Heh. =,=)

Quite early in the morning of my birthday; my joy knows no bounds. Because I know that it is a celebration in which I am the central figure and all eyes are set on me, and that I am the king of the occasion. Uh, NO lah.

I’m childish no more. (But still, I am, sometimes :P)

I observe my birthday and likewise many other people observe their birthdays. Observance of birthday does have a great significance, no doubt, for one whose birthday is observed and for his parents too.

Though I am quite merry over it, I should somehow be seriously thoughtful to know about the year going out and the year to come.

"We live only once. But if we work it right, once is enough.."

Personally, my birthday, today makes me conscious of my age and it tells me in a silent voice that so many years have passed away from my span of life. This makes me thoughtful. And I want to make stock-taking of my bygone activities, and chalk my proper programme for the future. Biiznillah.

You too, readers.  On your birthday, think what you have done in the outgoing year and what you shall do in the next.

Yalla Syabab..!

p/s: Siapa sahaja anda, doakan Allah melimpahkan saya ketekalan iman dan kebahagiaan. Dunia dan akhirat. Terima kasih. :)

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