Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short Story: RAIN


Eika Fereizya SM

'It's raining..' -weheartit.com

The wind howling angrily and rain splashed against our clothes. We were soaking wet and trying to find a place where we can shelter ourselves. The heavy raindrops were making so much noise that was deafening us. It was pitch-black that night and the road was like a black hole.

After a few steps, we found a big creepy-look house. I should say that I was freezing so I told Adriana to get inside the house. She said he was scared, but lastly agreed. The dark clouds continued to twist and turn.

Fed by the continuous flow of water, my friend and I then stepped on the broken stairs of the old house. Adriana told me to open the door but unexpectedly the door opened itself. For sure our adrenaline rose and our hearts beat vigorously. Adriana was the one who was very shocked and scream loudly. I was speechless.

Beginning with that, we still did not demoralize our spirits to step into that creepy house. We needed to wait until the rain stops falling. After a few steps, the door opened and slammed shut at the back. Our quick footsteps hurried along the carpeted floor.

That situation we had normally seen in a horror movie where a ghost then appeared all of a sudden. I was scared and my mind could not stop imagining that the ghost will suddenly came up and chase us all over the house. My imagination was absolutely vanished as Adriana called over to me.

We looked around briefly and then sat next to the table-lamp at one side of the old house. Adriana concealed in a wrapping of a blanket that he found on a sofa there. I folded my hands and placed them on my lap. I could see Adriana’s eyes were brimming with tears. She began to sniffle. “I’m so scared,” she explained, though no explaination was necessary.

She interrupted my fear with her tears and fidgeting. What was her problem anyway? We had not run into any ghost yet but she seemed like instead. “I promised we will get out from here right after the rain stops,” I whispered. Adriana nodded in agreement.

Then, we were overcome by a great drowsiness. We struggled hard to stay up but it was no use. Our eyes could hardly be opened and soon dropped off into a very deep sleep.

Suddenly I heard the sound of approaching footsteps. On waking up after the sleep, I waited for their owner to appear. As I thought, there was someone standing in front of the room but I could not see the face in the dark cold-black chamber.

Wondering who was that person, I slowly tailed him to find out. A slight trace of a lady in white dimly withdrew to eye me at a distance. I tried to control my stomach flip-flops. I knew there was something wrong somewhere.

I was frightened to be honest. The lady was then walking further and further away from me and disappeared. Without waiting any longer, I fastened my steps to the seat where I left Adrian . When I reached there, I could not believe what I saw. Adriana was gone!

I panicked. Where on the earth could Adriana be..?? Throughout the rain that night, blinding flashes of lightning continually made their appearance. Claps of thunder kept deafening my ears. It seemed like purposely provide the music of suspense and made pressure on me. Sound of tears suddenly indistinctly heard. My body became stiff as the voice sounded within a short distance to my ears.

In next-to-no-time, I ran as fast as I could, frantically here and there but wherever and in which direction I went , there was no sign of the way out or Adrian . Finally I had to admit to myself that I was afraid. I never believe all this kind of things before but now I really had to face it. My eyes filled with tears and I started to cry.

“Erica!” choked voice of Adriana suddenly broke the silence. “I’m here, Adriana,” I replied. Adriana did not answer me. I kept calling her name but at the end, I lost her, once again. Between sobs, I moved to escape from the house.

I did not even care anymore with the heavily gigantic drops of rain. Adriana must had already left here, I thought. My confidence wavered as I walked to the entire creepiest house that I had ever been. It was more difficult than I ever imagined. It was obvious I needed help but it was easier to do nothing and felt sorry for myself.

Moving forward was hard but I prayed for guidance. The sound of children’s laughter and tear and the slight of a lady in white meandering and laughing were intolerable.

Strong wind shook the roof and I could feel the breeze cherishing my face. Meanwhile, I found a small kid aged nine to twelve sitting on a dining-table. The girl sniffled and then laughed. I became curious and tried to call her but all of a sudden the girl lifted her head.

Shocked! The face was so pale and she shed a dark blood tear. In an astonishment, I tried to run but my hand was seized tightly by the girl. I struggled hard to escape and I managed to.

While running, I felt somebody tapped the hand on my shoulder. So I stopped. A long-hair lady in white dress with no-eyes emerged in front of me. My silent scream proved to represent my fear that moment. The world was dark and black and I could not remember what had happened next.

When I woke up, Adriana was by my side. I embraced her asking where had she been and told her everything I had last night. Adriana surprised but then laughed. She said that I was talking nonsense since we were together all time. I was puzzled by her words.

Recalling the incident, I could hardly believe if it was a dream. It seemed real and my hand was also in pain caused by the girl. The cold rains finally stopped, so we got out and returned home.

Walking in front of the house, I heard laughter of a girl. I looked back and saw a lady was holding a girl’s hand, standing between the house and me. Both were in white.
The strangest thing about it was, Adriana did not notice or feel anything. There is no way that all those experiences were just coincidence. They were more than that. They were messages from them.     

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