Saturday, January 9, 2010

*Special For You

'Dear Friend..'  *From Weheartit.com

 One day everything will change
As I move on my days
Leaving all my loved ones behind
So I say a little prayer
Hope my dreams will take me there
Where our world built blissfully

Everything now seems like contradicting me
Like an endless turning of a wheel
Like a soft feather falling
With the rhythm of the wind
Controlling my life
In the blink of an eye
Changes our world into nightmares

Now I learn to adapt
Understanding what life is all about
Where patience and strength needed
All I want is you by my side
In this world of the intelligence

I know I have to keep holding on
To reach the brightest star
In the vast eternal sky
Where only tears and sweat
Can take and guide me
Safely through this challenging journey of life

Dear friends
Without you
Nothing more I can do

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